Life Insurance Medical Questions

Anybody that has made a life insurance application in the past will be well aware of the barrage of life insurance medical questions they face from the insurer. Many may ask whether this is all really necessary? Well of course, the insurer that you are asking to cover you will always want to know as much about the risk that they are potentially taking on as possible.

Life Insurance Medical Questions

Another common grumble from applicants is that they have previous applications with the same company so why can't their information be used from that, instead of them facing the inconvenience of completing yet another application? When you make a life insurance application you are disclosing every detail as stringently as possible and in all honesty at that time. This information has to be as current as possible and it is imperative for the insurer that this is the case. If this means that a whole new application has to be completed 6 months after the client previously applied or took out a policy then so be it. Absolutely anything could have changed in the client's medical circumstances in this time.

It is the insurance company's responsibility to ask all of the right questions and the applicant's responsibility to provide all the right answers. However, the insurer will dig as deep as they have to and will not accept an application until they are satisfied that all of the life insurance medical questions have been answered conclusively. If the applicant is any less that completely honest they will face any claim that may need to be made whilst the policy is in force being declined as the insurer will be able to prove non-disclosure.

It is the case with all insurers that the life insurance medical questions will be the biggest part of the application and require the most detail from the applicant. A huge variation of conditions and disorders are covered on both the applicant and for some illnesses the applicant's immediate family.

As an applicant you can be expected to provide the name of the condition or disorder that you have previously suffered from or are currently suffering from, the date symptoms began, when they were last suffered, any medication that has been needed and if the condition requires and future treatment. The insurer and their underwriters really do not leave any stone unturned.

It may also be that following the application that the insurer's underwriters are not satisfied with the information provided with the life insurance medical questions so they will issue, questionnaires, request a medical examination or wish for the applicant to elaborate on a specific answer that they have provided.

This can be to the irritation of an applicant who may not have the time to keep sending paperwork backwards and forwards as they want their cover to be in place as soon as possible. However as efficient as an insurer's administration and underwriting departments may be if sufficient information to offer insurance is not provided in the first place there is nothing they can do other than to go back to the applicant as quickly as they can.

However the positive thing for both parties in current times is that insurers are encouraging more and more life insurance applications to be made on-line and over the telephone. The customer services representative dealing with the application can ensure that every preliminary detail required is taken from the client and on-line the system in place will not let an application progress until details have been entered for any medical question where there is the need for elaboration.

Some insurers have even implemented a tele-underwriting strategy where the client will be called back following an application they have made, for instance on-line, and if the underwriters can make a decision on the information provided over the telephone then the application can be completed there and the insurer able to offer terms almost instantly. This is without a doubt a better way of doing things for all concerned and before long it is likely that the paper life insurance application form and the many pages of life insurance medical questions will be a thing of the past.


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